Abandoned Werewolf Cat Rescued from Life of Pain

Chris Poole, known as “Kitty Man Chris” for his YouTube videos of rescuing pet cats, found what appeared as if a little werewolf beyond an apartment organic in Florida.

But this tiny werewolf was actually a Lykoi kitty, generally known as the “werewolf kitty” because of its looks, which really is a natural mutation from a household short-haired kitty that gets the appearance of the vintage Hollywood werewolf, the name hence. But this specific Lykoi cat is at deep trouble along with his health insurance and needed help at the earliest opportunity. He had various issues and wouldn’t have survived a lot longer if it weren’t for Poole’s generosity

With help from St. Francis Culture Animal Save, Poole could capture this poor kitty to get him the assistance he needed. The cat’s claws were ingrown and infected extremely, so the very first thing they did was trim them and soak them in iodine to help clear chlamydia. Since his fingernails were such a long time, it caused his paws pain which made him hunch right down to stay warm. Since he was hunched over always, he developed sores on the trunk of his hip and legs that have been so very bad they bled

Moreover, his ears were also infected and also have since been washed and medicated. His eye were also very crusty and watery credited to conjunctivitis, which he was presented with vision drops for. The indegent cat was also very congested and received antibiotics to assist with that, along with medicine to gone most of his fleas

It’s unknown just how he finished up on the roads, but Poole suspects he was dumped there or escaped. Irrespective, this poor kitty have been neglected for a long period and it is finally obtaining a second chance at life.The cat, named Logan now, is now coping with a caring foster family who’ll make sure he gets showered with love and look after the others of his life. You can watch video below:

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