Blind And Lonely Bison Was Ignored By All Other Animals – Until She Met Oliver

Life was nothing but extremely difficult for this lonely bison. Helen was blind and extremely shy when she was brought to the Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary, in Oregon. Because of her condition, the poor little thing was ignored by all the animals at the farm, for years. It just seemed she was destined to live all by her own without anybody out there to comfort her. Thankfully, it all has dramatically changed when Oliver came in

Helen was rescued in 2016 and brought to the sanctuary and since then she struggled to make a friend. The staff at the center even feared she would die from heartbroken. But what seemed to have been a doomed soul, has incredibly changed. And now all have turned into one of the most touching stories, the animal world could ever offer. Image credits: lighthousefarmsanctuary

Oliver, a Jersey cow was born at the farm, it the one who has miraculously turned the table. Once he approached Helen, he gain her trust and they became best friends. Now the duo is inseparable. “He’s actually turned into a baby buffalo,” Gwen Jakubisin at the sanctuary told USA Today. “The change in her demeanor is incredible, her joy is palpable.” Image credits: lighthousefarmsanctuary

Just like a true friendship, their incredible bond comes with benefits for the both sides. Helen became mentally stronger and she now shows a lot of confidence. Oliver on the other hand won a nanny. Needless to mention they both won a true friend. “Betsy [Oliver’s mom] usually drops Oliver off at ‘daycare’ and roams around while Helen watches over him for the rest of day, and she’s cool with that,” Gwen said. “I catch them grooming each other which is amazing because I don’t think Helen has ever had that opportunity to express that motherly instinct before.” Image credits: lighthousefarmsanctuary

The Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary is home for more than 200 animals, including cows, horsed, pigs, sheep and goats. The sanctuary’s mission is to help those animals in need. “At Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary we believe that every individual has the right to freedom…” they write. “We provide those with the most heartbreaking stories hope and the promise of the freedom to be themselves. A promise of companionship, of love, and of care. Image credits: lighthousefarmsanctuary

Every day they [the animals] amaze us with their profound abilities to love and to be loved, even after [all] they have endured. Our goal is to share their stories with the community and bring about positive change in the way they are viewed by society,” the sanctuary’s mission says. “All of our residents cohabitate peacefully and have strong friendships with one another. They know they are safe and loved. We like to call it a kind of magic created by love, trust, and understanding.” Source: h/t: lighthousefarmsanctuary | Facebook |Instagram

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