Meet Hana, The Japanese Kitten With Eyes So Big She Looks Straight Out Of A Cartoon

Think you’ve seen the cutest that cats have to offer? Think again, Because here comes Hana the kitten.

Hana is a three-year-old Scottish fold and with her big round eyes, she has drawn more than 400,000 netizens into her charm. She lives in Japan with a bunch of her kitty friends and a playful bird.

It seems Hana didn’t receive the memo on the eternal rivalry and enmity between cats and birds, but we don’t mind, though. She’s so cute that she got us right in the middle of her paw.

The Scottish fold kitty from Japan who came to grow quite an impressive fan base on Instagram.The 3-year-old kitten has captivated over 250k Instagrammers’ hearts with her adorably fluffy fur and big eyes.

Her day-to-day life includes snuggling around, napping, being cute, and hanging out with her buddy the bird named Sai! Yes, you read that correctly.

Unlike other cats, Hana not only lets the little birdy live in peace but she plays with him too! What an adorable and unexpected relationship, huh? You can take a peek into Hana’s day-to-day life below and don’t forget to vote for your favorite pics!

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