Stray Dog Wanders Into Police Station And Finds His New Family

Gorgojo (“Gorgi”) was living on the streets, as many dogs do in Puerto Rico. But his life took a dramatic turn when he wandered into a police station in Bayamón looking for food and water.

The officers were surprised by how friendly and affectionate Gorgi was, although he was clearly malnourished and showing signs of abuse.

“The dog came up to us and, unlike other animals, he was looking for affection,” says Sgt. Jose Montesinos, one of the officers who cares for Gorgi. “We found it curious [how] docile and affectionate he was.”

They quickly got the dog food and water. “We played with [the dog] for a while and the next day he came back for a visit in the afternoon,” Montesinos told They soon grew attached to Gorgi because of his loving nature. As he grew more confident and playful, Gorgi soon became part of their family.

The officers took up a collection and brought Gorgi to the veterinarian where he got all his vaccinations and a clean bill of health.



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