Vets Made This Tiny Bird With Deformed Feet Its Own Set Of Mini Snow Shoes

I think this is a story we could all use right about now. It only takes a few minutes to read but it will make your day. A tiny Mockingbird that doesn’t even have a name recently ended up with the California Wildlife Center. They rescued him and took him in after they saw his feet were deformed.

The California Wildlife Center recently rescued a mockingbird who was born with malformed, knuckling feet. The knuckling, which could have been congenital or a growth deformity, meant the bird could not perch on trees or walk like other birds. Birds with the condition eventually develop sores on their feet. If left untreated in the wild, birds with this condition will “likely perish,” Jennifer Brent, the executive director at the CWC, told BuzzFeed News.
The shoes were designed to help realign the little bird’s feet so that they were back in shape again. It took only one week and his feet were fixed. He was then able to get back to life as normal. They removed the little makeshift shoes and released the bird into the wild. I guess we could all use a little help sometimes. The center gets about 5 to 10 cases like this a year. So, a team of veterinarians used teeny tiny pieces of cardboard to create a pair of teeny tiny custom snowshoes for the bird.
The results are a stylish departure from snowshoes that would make Canadians jealous. The design is to help “reset” the alignment of the feet. Brent said the team outfitted the bird with the snowshoes for a week until it was able to “walk normally” and “do normal bird things” again. Our little bird friend has since graduated from the shoes and was released back in the wild, where it’s able to properly bird again. “It’s gratifying that such an easy fix here can change an animal’s life,” one of the vets, Dr. Lorraine Barbosaw, said. Thank you, wildlife centers, for saving bird lives all while innovating bird fashions. (This little guy had neck surgery.)

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