Video Of Two Huge Sea Lions Borrowing Someone Else’s Boat Goes Viral

Joshua Phillips, former professional soccer player and current owner of Spawn Flyfish, was enjoying a day out on the water when he came across something seemingly right out of a fever dream: a pair of sea lions taking a sailboat for a joyride. Phillips quickly got out his phone and started shooting a video of the bizarre sight.

The two sea lions were gigantic and clearly too heavy for the small vessel. It looked like it was ready to sink any second. Image credit: fishingjosh

The two sea lions, however, did not seem concerned about the boats imminent demise. The pair appeared to thoroughly enjoy their day on the water and casually looked around as they bobbed on the waves. Image credit: fishingjosh

Phillips could barely believe his eyes and, in the video, is heard laughing in disbelief. “I don’t think this boat owner likes sea lions anymore”, he comments. Image credit: fishingjosh

He’s probably right about that, as a later video shows that boat did indeed eventually sink. In the video, only the mast is still visible while the rest of the boat rests under the waves. Image credit: fishingjosh

The video of the joyriding sea lions, posted to Phillips’ Instagram, has understandably gone viral. Perhaps it could have handled one sea lion. But not two. Definitely not two. Image credit: fishingjosh

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